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Happy Father's Day

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Moving my blog to wix has been the best decision ever. It took the whole weekend to get things transferred and now it's much easier to update and blog. My daddy has left for about 13 years now. I still miss him every day and think about him every day. It was like yesterday I can hear myself screaming over the phone in excitement "DADDDAYYYYY!"

This year, aside from missing you, this post to acknowledge and give a shout out to my father in law. My father in law is so nice and wonderful to me; I feel so blessed because he is truly happy that I am with Tuan. Love and blessing does not need to come in the form of gifts and etc, but he has truly showed me I am welcomed in his books. During any and all holidays he would beat me to texting. I don't have a picture with him and my husband, but I do hope to get it when the boarders are open and we are allowed to visit again. Happy Father's Day FIL. This is a picture of my husband and my FIL reuniting after 10 years apart. I won't ever forget that day when a grown man was almost in tears. :)

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