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Birthday Celebration!! - Tuan

It was Tuan's birthday and this is the first year he is employed in the USA. For his birthday, we made good food and got a ice cream cake. It was extra special to me because after not working for an employer for a while, he received a monitor and laptop from work to work from home because of COVID-19/pandemic. He is super excited to work with people again.

He will still keep his etsy shop as his side gig for when he has time. He makes SVGS for Cricut explorer series and cricut makers. :)

Since my mind runs 200MPH, silly me I forgot to hit the record button. He's such a pain in the butt because whenever knows I am recording he has to look angry to make funny faces for fun to contest me recording things and uploading it to YouTube. Of course we know who's the fun one in this relationship (ME! HAHA).

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