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Hi, we are Tuan and Angie!


We met online during the AOL chatroom days when AOL was “the thing” (if you know what AOL is). We met before around 2002-2004. It's been so long we can't even really remember when. We always kept in contact through yahoo messenger, MSN or SKYPE. It wasn’t until 2007,until we really got to know each other on a more personal level when I (Angie) was about to lose dad due to cancer. 

Eventually Tuan became my emotional support as I was really going through a rough patch. I worked day shift and Tuan worked night shift which allowed me to get emotional support when I was not occupied by work. During this time, we learned about each other’s work ethics, values, and beliefs. From there on, we determined we had all the qualities we were looking for from a partner. Slowly, but steadily we started to falling in love. Both of us did not know what expect, but we decided on committing and meet each other before dating anyone else. Normally dating online, people meet right away to see if there are sparks, but we felt it was worth the wait.


We waited because we were faced with obstacles.  Tuan and I were in two different countries. I am an US Citizen, Tuan is a Canadian Citizen so it had to be planned out where and how we would meet. Secondly, neither of us had funds or money to travel since we just started working and had bills to pay plus family obligations since we were breadwinners for our families. Thirdly, I was (still am) on the heavier side so she was afraid to meet Tuan in fear of rejection since I emotionally attached.

Fast forward, after up and downs of not being together in one country and never meeting up in person, Tuan decided it was best to end our commitment after waiting for seven (7) years because I was still resistant in meeting him. He felt I was just stringing him along so I finally built up the courage and went to claim him! Aug 2014, was when I finally flew to Toronto and upon meeting, he confirmed the feelings were mutual and we finally became an official "REAL LIFE" couple.

Fast forward into Oct 12, 2017 Tuan finally popped the question and now we are officially engaged. YAYY!!!! Between 2014 and 2017, we learned a lot about being a couple. During this time there were bitter and sweet moments. 

The purpose of this site/blog is to document the love for each other, share views and thoughts and everything of our relationship. During some post(s), you will see how communicate is the key and how Tuan and I work with each other as a couple. It will be interesting because the only time they really get to spend time together was during Christmas break when I took time off to be in Toronto for two weeks or more.

Unsure how this engagement would impact our careers since neither are willing to move, this blog is nice to start document our relationship and eventually keep this for our future family to read. We also love to craft together so through the links you will find our "shop" where I take what we make when we get to and post. During this time, if you want to support their journey and see their creations remember to check out the shop linked above.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, <3333 Please join us as we share our journey, happiness, and moment of being together now as our documentary.

*Update: 6/16/2020 - we moved from another server to wix because it was hard to use and i end up deleting things. One nice thing since I created a blog is we got married and Tuan was able to move to the USA. :) 

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