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My name is Angie and I am a jack of all trades and master of none. I love crafting and into many crafts and have started exploring my journey since 2007. I had the intent to make everything come to life, but really did not really sit down and really map things out until now, in 2023. 

My goals are to start blogging more and documenting my life through blogging and through YouTube. My hobbies are talking, connecting with folks with the same passion, Cricut-ing, jewelry making, sublimation and learning different processes related to crafting and small businesses.

The best of all while exploring this journey is having someone to share this with and I am so happy I found a life partner who is very supportive of it all and is starting his crafting/blogging journey with me as well! He can be found at Craf-T-Hub ^_~ ; my craf-t-husband.

If you want to see items I have ready to ship from all my creations, go ahead and hit the SHOP button and it will bring you to my ETSY store: ilovehandmadestuff (BeingTogetherNow).

Enjoy your stay! 

~ Angie

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