• Angie Ly

Me: I want to create a YouTube channel… Tuan: “What’s stopping you?”

Long before I met tuan (husband) I always wanted YouTube channels but I’m semi camera shy, but I can talk to people for hours or make friends anywhere.

At one time, I mentioned to close friends and family it would be so awesome if I can make this passion into a full time job. It’s a dream, but I don’t want to be a physiologist or therapist after taking a few courses. I just want to be able to share my thought, my opinion, and then can agree to disagree. I told Tuan this many times and often time he’s like, “what’s stopping you?” My reasons always have been:

- time

- content

- equipment

- room

- fear of many things (being a fool, being told I am not good enough, being a girl (cause I’m supposed to be less straight forward because of my culture and the list goes on))

- stereotype of being another dreamer

- bad memory (After I got hit with covid. It’s so hard but I am constantly trying to find way to better myself and make sure I follow every task)

With encouragement/support from tuan and his technical skills.. I am happy to announce we now have and will start publishing content soon on TikTok and YouTube!

ilovehandmadestuff for craft

beingtogethernow for listening to me talk lol!

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