• Angie Ly

FaceTime with mama— covid QA

I can’t seem to sleep or there’s some insomnia. I was able to FaceTime my mama and I was so happy to be able to see her today. Isn’t she cute ?

I wonder when I can see her in person again, we assume it’s going to be closer to end of Jan when I take her to her doc appts, but I dressed up for her. I think I did a good job 🙂

My mama is so cute and must be bored out of her mind by herself. We are so lucky to have the technology we have now to see each other.

I am feeling tired like I partied all week 😂 but it’s just fog and stuff. Can’t believe it’s 2021 already. In 2007 my dream was to get a good job and some day get married.

Now I have a good job and I am married too. Lol counting my blessings 🙂. I sincerely love my family. Every single one of them. I also miss my grandma, this really makes me miss my grandma... I realized I am such a sucker for hugs too.

Reflecting back to elementary school to now, I am so grateful for all my friends new and old. I still can’t believe how amazing you all are and how you guys came to my rescue for my family and I.

Checking on me mentally has helped so much. Thank you so much 🥰❤️🥰❤️

I am hoping today in the morning I get to do a little crafting or something to ease the mind. One thing I learned about myself more right now, lol I am clingy not just to my husband but to my mom and brother too. I don’t suspect this will change with age huh ? Lol 😂❤️

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