• Angie Ly

Exciting news!

Today is the big day we get our keys!!! Since my husband moved here from Toronto he feel like the home we live in now isn’t his home. It was already my home and he just moved in. A lot of things he didn’t have a day because it was already set. After further discussion and listening to what he said we worked hard to find a place. We have been married for two years but found a community where we want to be before the pandemic went crazy. It took a long time due to the delays to build but our house is finally done. Today we sign to get keys so we can use all the prayers we can get for a smooth transaction. If you notice, it’s so cute if my husband to carefully walk the floors and check for things that needed to address before closing. He’s also super excited about moving in he already gave me a laundry list of things that is considered a must have lol! (Lucky I’m the budgeting one so i can say which one needs to wait- he wants a $600 oven)….. :) #beingtogethernow

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