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  • Angie Ly

Do you love me?

I guess when couples are comfortable and know each other well lol ….conversation like theses happen lol…

I took a shower and went downstairs, saw my husband and said the following:

Me: do you love me 🥺

Hub: 😅hmm what do you need?

Me: do you lub me?? 🥺🥺🥺

Hub (walks over and give me a hug): hahaha 😅🤣what do U need? There’s a catch

Me: 😅😅nothing I just wanted to know if you love me lol. So do u love me…

Hub:😏this has to be a trick question lol…. U need me to do the dishes don’t u? Lol

Me: no just want to know if you love me

Hub: I love you too …. Walks over and does dishes


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