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Covid update- ready to dump 2020

**Covid update** to my family. ❤️❤️💪🏻🥰

Mom- she’s doing good. Thank god recovery is good and we are monitoring her far

Husband /tuan is doing good. Still have major coughing but he’s getting better

My baby brother should be coming home tonight “hallelujah”!!!!!! I miss my brother and we are still acting very cautious. I can’t wait to see him.

I am recovering, I am moving 5 mins then I lose momentum. Eyes are some what blurry and I have a fog or dizzy time to time.

To make the post shorter, this is what I’m learning while recovering so hope this helps someone else.

1 Contact tracing days u can go back to in 10 days after u test positive unless u go to hospital. (IMO- you are still a spreader at this point)

2. Contact tracing said when u come back from hospital, u should monitor for another 20 days, everyone at home should still isolate. You can get the flu/cold in addition to covid that makes someone else worst

3. Clean and sanitize as u go, esp if ur space is smaller

4. Use separate eat ware and etc but we have resorted to cleaning and then pouring hot water over as a final wash as precaution

—- what we have been taking since I came back:

-Vitamin d per doc order

-Plenty of water

-Non fried food(s)

-Clean as we go, wiping down knobs and have the vent and window open

Here’s also a list of other items to stock up in case you think there’s an exposure and don’t have someone picking things up.

Vitamins and things to take:

-Zinc tablets (Walmart has chewable tablets that taste like orange)

-Vitamin C

-Vitamin D

Things that can help with possible symptoms:


-Cough drops


-Vick’s Vaporub

Things to have on hand: in Canada- get from drug mart, Walmart, amazon and other places

- Finger Pulse Oximeter (Target, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon)



-chicken stock


If you are just curious bout this crazy experience...

My bro and I both have an oxygen tank each and for me I need to follow up with a doc and cardiologist because my heart rate keeps dropping below 40 esp when I sleep so I panic and can’t sleep well.

This virus attacked us good... but we will continue to fight the long haul of this. Now i are starting to realize certain things going on with my system more than ever. I move for 5 mins and feel like I need 2 hours to recoup.... I think this is going to be a wild long ride.

This virus is real, it’s worst for people like me who has a weak system. To share some insight, during COVID our family has been extremely, extremely cautious. We don’t go out, we don’t hang out, we don’t allow visits.

I did have lunch with a friend once, months ago and we were very very careful. Groceries, I do shop from home with curbside pick up. Anything that had a little fee but I felt safer I just did it and ate less.

Fast forward we still got this, cdc guideline and American guideline is not up to par where it should be. We are blessed to have help and medical treatment but it makes me so sad not everyone will get the same treatment as I did.

I am just blessed to be alive and everyone still here and well fighting the fight with me. I do believe in addition I caught a cold or flu because I’ve used a whole box of tissue already but that’s okay.

This may sound silly but in case I have the worst strand, we are very cautious with tuan since he’s taking care of me and my brother. People asked well just go get tested until you are negative. This crazy virus will build antibodies, u can be positive for 3 months. You can also be negative but also have the rest of the family positive.

Please, if sick, just stay home.. If you think you have been exposed, I know it’s hard, try not to stress. You can msg me and I can share in more detail of what happened before I went to the hospital. Thank you for letting me reflect on life and my experience. Picture is just for attention.

I also want to personally thank everyone for the well wishes, the prayers, the food drop off for my family/cleaning supplies. The coaching to help ease some of the worry and panics, the check ups and etc. I feel very loved🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️. The friendship and relationship I’ve built with u all outside of work and from work is just truly amazing. I am soo soooo blessed and grateful.

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