• Angie Ly

Covid Christmas I’ll never forget.

this year is the first year my family did not spend Christmas together. Please forgive me as I might be rambling.

America is one of the richest country and I am grateful to be here and survived Covid. i got infected, mainly at work since we have been extra careful and super duper careful.

my mom was exposed by me and she’s recovering which I am so happy since she’s older and I need her and everyone in my life.

as I was omitted to the hospital for difficulty in breathing, tuan and I didn’t talk to each other for hours as the doctors tried to help me. Once I was able to FaceTime him he started crying. we have been married for 1.5 years now and we never really been a part since. He’s worried about me and while he’s sick from the exposure of covid, he really hung in there and tried to clean and do deep cleaning so I can come home safe and rest and while doing that, I asked him to watch after my baby brother because he lives with us and he is just as important to me as anyone else in this world. The medical team was wonderful, but I needed to rush home. I need to make sure my husband, my mom, my brother is okay but it couldn’t be rushed.

my Heart rate keeps dropping and eight now it’s averaging 45-50 and dropped as low as 28 so I am concern but I am just trying to take it easy. As I came home, my brother had to go into the hospital for difficulty breathing.

covid reacts differently for ever pl

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