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  • Angie Ly

Counting our blessings

Yesterday was crazy. I truly believe all our guardian angels were watching.

I had an appt to drop off paperwork and was stuck in traffic. Almost got side swiped. I typically don’t go out when I return home for that, but I had to come back and get tuan to do a return cause today was the last day to return our online order.

As we were coming home. We approached a 4 way st and it was clear but out of no where there was a bright light, I watched a 4x4 looking car almost hit us on tuan‘side ;almost tbone…I gased it as hard as I can dodging it, not sure if the dude was drunk!!! Almost clipped our back bumper! shortly after that another car 🚗 came on my side of the road and tuan and I couldn’t believe this person was coming head on…. Fortunately after I was shaken from the second incident… I saw this far far away so I was already going slow cuz I wasn’t sure if he’s drunk or if he was gonna stop… I made a left and he kept going since he was in the wrong lane.

Next time, I don’t care if it’s the last day, I’m trusting my damn gut. I am so lucky nothing happened to us.

🙏🏻 🙏🏻 counting my blessings and the whole night tuan had me wrapped in his arms and he clipped his legs on my legs to sleep. Lol couldn’t even get out of bed…

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