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I am like a wild child. I try to do everything I am interested in to discover what my true passion is. I created to link to my video log, blog of my life with my husband and e-Shop.

In my VLOG, I am experimenting with my YouTubing style which will focus on my discoveries. Please feel free to explore.

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Committed to online dating for 7 years we finally met up and dated for 5. on May 18, 2019 were spontaneous and got finally tied the knot without any prior planning. We are now learning that living together is different from dating. Read more about it on our couples blog!

Living together is certainly different from dating and seeing every so often.


CRAFTING is my LIFE! Crafting can be expensive since I am into card making, mask making, beading, wire wrapping and much more. 

Feel free to browse around Ready-to-Ship (RTS) items. :) 

Feel free to contact me at: with any questions!